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Regret, The Informer + Canyons Tour 2009

So it's been about 34 days since we arrived back in Marshall from our trip out west. I actually meant to make notes as tour went on ... but nothing materialized.
Therefore I am chosing to recollect this trip here with you.

Day One Marshall
Originally this day was scheduled for Omaha, NE. We had a show. Something happened, so rather than not having this date we opted to do a "tour kickoff / 7" release show" at our house.
Regret, the Informer found a rad touring band that needed a show so naturally we called it a day and now The Human Quena Orchestra was coming.
Tour day one, waiting to play our house and then go to Denver. Regret, shows up Stephen, Stephen, Tyler and Stephen Proski's girl and thier new kitten Cat Benatar. This kitty was incredibly cute.

Regret played and it sounded really good in the basement, they always do. This was thier first "show" with Black Iowa on the skins.
We jammed through our stuff got sweaty and all that. Turned the light back on.. moved our stuff out the way and announced the touring band stick around.
When the music was over and the evening was settling down I heard that The Human Quena Orchestra was acting funny shaking hands all weird saying "Yeah we had a Greaaat time" "Thanks ALOT!" all sarcastically. Next thing I knew they were gone.
Then Stephen began getting rude text messages. They said things like "thanks for taking a collection for touring bands. real nice." idk shit like that. If you've ever been to Marshall the one thing you can bank on is if you play here you can sell merch if you have it. This is the only reason I can still book a show in the area with any confidence.
As I remember a good enough number of people were in attendance maybe a tad shabby to someone from somewhere else, but .. I don't really remember worrying about it. We are playing bigger cities everyday from here on out, thats all I remember thinking. A collection cd spindle was placed as always on the dryer, I don't know if anyone heard me mention it on the mic or not, may have been drinking.
So.. I realized I didn't take as good of care of that band as say bands I book at my house. Didnt' feel responsible .. it was our 7" release / tour kick off show. The last time I would see alot of my friends for a month. When I tour I am only really looking for people to play in front of.. I didn't know they were that unhappy.
As the text messaging bashing our hospitality heated up, Stephen misplaced his cutest of kittens .. the one the only Cat Benatar!
Someone jokes "The Human Quena Orchestra took Cat Benatar. They were that mad."
Stephen immediately starts thinking this may be. Meanwhile Jake, Punch, Biowa, Stephen, Tyler, and everyone who hadn't left the show scoured our place for this cat. We give up after 20 people couldn't find it in this little house. All wondering could they really do that. Stephen's girl is upset she is crying. We all are tired now, but decided to load the trailer and head to Kansas City to drop Stephen's ladyfriend off and catch a few hours sleep.

Day Two Denver.

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